Swipe FAQ is providing Q&A regarding Swipe Cards (Saffron /Sky / Steel / Slate) set up.

What Cards are offered by Swipe?

What rebates and rewards are provided per month? How can I receive them?

  • Apple Music: $14.99

  • Amazon Prime $12.99

  • Airbnb: $100.00

  • Hulu: $11.99

  • Netflix: $12.99

  • Spotify: $12.99

  • Starbucks: $50.00

  • Travala: $100.00

  • Uber: $50.00

You need to complete payment and then it will be rebated. Swipe Cardholders, depending on their card tier, receive monthly rebates from top-branded merchants. To qualify for a rebate you must have a Sky, Steel, or Slate active SXP lock-up/staked membership for at least 30 days or be a cardholder for at least 30 days if you are a Swipe Saffron cardholder. You will receive your monthly rebate, once a month, and by the 5th of the following month. These rebates are for all active cardholders. If you unlock your SXP lock-up/stake you will only receive the Spotify rebate.

You can select in which crypto you need the rebates.

*Certain rewards and benefits are offered by Swipe directly and there may or may not be partnerships with certain merchants. Swipe retains the right to modify or change these benefits at anytime with 30 days notice to cardholders. Rewards and Benefits program required continued staking.

How does the cashback work? The transaction is pending and no cashback received?

Cashback is provided only when transaction is completed. It should be instant after your transaction changes from pending to complete.

What cardholder limits and fees in EU/UK?

Will the Slate card rebates work in EU: ⁃ Apple Music: $14.99 ⁃ Amazon Prime $12.99 ⁃ Netflix: $12.99 ⁃ Spotify: $12.99?

If I pay for this services not as USA user, but as EU user in EU? For example: in EU Amazon Prime cost EUR 7.99/month., and if I pay for this service by Slate card EUR 7.99 my rebate will be in $ but not more than $12.99? The same with other services?

Yes it works in EU, you have to subscribe monthly to the service using your Swipe card and when the label will be deleted by the Swipe service you will get the money. The 5th day of the month.

To avoid conversion fees use paypal for netflix and spotify.

How long does it take to send the card to UK/EU?

Card will be delivered within 5-7 business days once shipped. Card is shipped when there is notification under cards order status - shipped in Swipe wallet.

How many cards can one take on one account??

Only one card is allowed for one account so far.

How can be purchased SXP via account?

Banking services is currently unsupported in the app but there is possiblity link a debit/credit card and use that to purchase SXP instead.

Swipe currently supports any Visa or Mastercard credit and debit card that has 3D-Secure support. We currently do not support American Express, Discover, JCB, or Union Pay cards nor Visa and Mastercards that do not have 3D-Secure (3DS)

What country and post are used to send my Swipe card?

Swipe cards are shipped from UK. Standard Shipping is sent by Royal Mail. Once it reaches your country it is taken by your National Postal Service for delivery to the address you provided. The tracking number of shippment cannot be provide as cards are shipped by the manufacturer directly.

What categories of purchases are not eligible for Swipe cashback?

The following categories of MCC codes are blocked from Swipe Cashback and Rewards programs

The following specific merchants are blocked from Swipe cashback program:

  • Revolut

  • Swipe

  • Binance

  • Netflix*

  • Spotify*

  • Hulu*

  • Apple Music*

* Rebates are paid for these merchants so there is no associated cashback.

Whether all Swipe cards will migrate to Binance chain?

Only Slate Card will remain and rest will migrate to Binance Card Platform.

Swipe Saffron, Sky, & Steel users will be migrated to the Binance Card Platform and will be able to use those cards and SXP Lock-ups via their Binance Account including a migration of benefits + rebates.

Swipe Slate will remain on Swipe Wallet App for SXP Elite users.

No Timeline for this, team will announce when its ready since there is a dependency from Binance team as well.

What are the fees associated with the Swipe Wallet?

Currently there are no commission related fees added use the Swipe Wallet.

Effective 1/1/2021 there is a 3.9% Credit/Debit Card fee when making a purchase or top-up using your credit or debit card. You are facing with this fee when BUY crypto assets like BTC, ETH, SXP or TopUp the Swipe Wallet with EUR, USD or CAD (Fiat Currency). Fee 3,9% is actual to all Swipe cards despite You own 100 SXP in Swipe wallet or You are Slate holder.

How to activate Spotify rebate? I am not able to pay with Swipe since not allowing me, saying it is not the right country of an issuance.

Change Your spotify region to Lithuania. Or use Paypal.

As a Slate card holder, does my SXP automatically recieve on-chain rewards or do I need to activate SXP network?

Rewards is daily, however distribution is weekly and it will be automatically deposited to your wallet.

How do I activate my Swipe Card?

Swipe cardholders can activate their Swipe Card only via the Swipe Wallet mobile application. To activate your card follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the "Card" tab screen in the Swipe Wallet app

2. Press the "Activate Card" button (if the button is grayed out and you have already received your card you must contact our live chat or helpdesk to make the button available)

3. Follow the on-screen prompts and accept the cardholder agreement(s)

4. You will see a success screen once finalized.

What does bank verification mean on the Swipe Card order status screen?

The "Bank Verification" part of a card order screen represents the status of your card order at the bank who will issue the Swipe Card depending on your region. Once the bank has checked your details and the order the status will become either: Completed or Failed.

A completed status means your card is now sent for shipping

A failed status means the bank has failed your order and we are unable to proceed.

Why Credit Card and Bank Account linking doesn't work!

Potential reasons for card failure when adding:

→ The bank issued credit card has a Zipcode and CVV Check, if the user ZIP Code and CVV is not matched with the verified address it will fail

→ or the bank is not supporting ZipCode or CVV Check

→ or your card does not have 3D Secure meaning Swipe will decline such cards.

→ The Swipe Zendesk page states that they "currently do not support American Express, Discover, JCB, or Union Pay cards nor Visa and Mastercards that do not have 3D-Secure (3DS)"

If your issue is none of the above, you can log a ticket with support by typing the /support command to view a list of support options.

How long does card status "processing" take?

The card status will either be:

  • Pending: This indicates that the card order has been received and is pending bank verification

  • Processing: This indicates that the card order has been approved and submitted to the manufacturer to personalize the card.

  • Shipped: This indicates that the card has now shipped and should be arriving within 5-7 business days to your address on file.

Does Swipe offer Slate debit card in Asia? Other regions?

It's a pre order. Other cards will available soon.

FYI Korea is next in line with other APAC markets. Most of the APAC markets will go-live in Q4-Q1 2021, this is also depends on all the compliance and regulatory approval from local agencies.

When Slate metal cards is going to come?

No timeline as of now, but its coming. Metal card will available in 2021.

Tier 2 verification not occurred in more than a month now. I’ve emailed KYC team many times. I checked my spam mail. Please can You help me sort this out. I want to get SXP card.

If 2FA (SMS) is not activated then please do. Tier 2 verification usually takes 7-14 working days.

How long does my card purchase take to become available?

For 1st transaction it takes 7 days and thereafter its instant.

Is it possible to start using the card virtually or should I wait for the physical one to be delivered?

Virtual is not live in EU, so you will have to wait for your physical card.

Swipe Card and Binance Card will become the same in the near future? It make sense to request a Swipe Card now or should I just go for the Binance card?

Binance is using Swipe's Issuance service to issue cards for its users. Both have different benefits as of now. Please use links below to compare:

What is the best way to use the card? What mostly people are using Slate card for?

Since you can use Fiat for shopping there is no issue using it for daily purchases. You won’t lose any value.

Is it possible to issue virtual cards across many countries so that many of swipe lovers can benefit?

Not possible, Virtual / Physical cards will be only available in the countries where Swipe Card is officially launched.

Could you please clarify if all the transaction with any Swipe card are free from fees? Because some users report that they are charged of 1% when spending from crypto wallets; shouldn't be any fees at all?

There is no any fee, however 1% conversion fees from Crypto to FIat is applied.

When do other cards have referral campaign?

There is possible having reward for referral not just for slate card. Team is working on it. Please wait for the official announcement it's already tackle to our CEO.

I have recently got a Binance card, will I be able to order a Swipe card?

If you already have Binance Card then you wont able to order Swipe Card.

If I upgrade my card, what happens to the current one? Is deactivated?

Current one will remain active till the upgrade card is active.

Saffron cards promised with free spotify, and they didnt need stake, but recording to some youtube videos its not working, right?

Cardholder must have the card for at least 30 days, and then the rebate is on the 5th of the following month. So on saffron's, the first month is effectively no rebate, the following months would then be eligible for the rebate so: Saffron starting January - no rebate. Spotify paid in Feb - rebate 5th of March.

My card still under processing since lock-up 30k SXP, is this normal ?

Should stay processing until cards are available in Your country.

Is there a possibility to add the Swipe card on Apple Pay?

Yes, Swipe Card is in Apple Pay in the US, however still not activated in other regions.

For how long does it take for the card status to change from processing to shipped?

7-14 days more or less.

Card rewards are instant or will take more time?

Cashback is almost instant (1-2 days), rebates - once a month.

If I use Uber with 100$ in month do I get 50$ rebate same in Travala?

There is 10% rebate for Travala and Uber - up to 50$ and 100$ in month.

Is it possible to downgrade from Steel > Sky ? I want to stake the extra amount of SXP...

Its not possible as of now.

I received my card in the mail. How do I activate it and set my PIN?

If it's still processing in the app you'll need to reach out to support, if it's marked shipped the cards tab should have an activate button in pink.

Can I terminate my swipe card? What happens to the staked amount if I'd decide to cancel my steel card?

Yes. You can terminate Your Swipe Card. You need to email to for unstaking and canceling card.

Can you confirm that all Sky blue card characteristics are in orange card now and blue ones will be sent to users as soon as they become available please ?

Yes, it is not ready yet. Sky will remain orange for a while, because it is not yet available at the moment.

How do I add my Swipe Card to Apple Pay, Google, Pay, and Samsung Pay?

Swipe Cards, depending on their region, can be tokenized and added to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

To add the Swipe Card to one of these Digital Wallet solutions, navigate to the application and enter the card manually. Follow the prompts as each region is dynamic based on what is required. If you have any issues please contact our helpdesk or live chat.

How do I lockup and unlock my Swipe Card?

To lock your Swipe Card from being able to be used on transactions follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the "Card" tab in the Swipe Wallet app

2. Press the "Card Settings" icon in the top right of the "Card" screen.

3. Press Lock/Freeze card.

4. Toggle the switch to lock/unlock the card. The screen will display the current status.

How do I set which funding source the Swipe Card is converting from?

The Swipe Card enables real-time conversions to fiat currencies to use at point-of-sale and online merchants. You must select which funding source you want your funds converted from. To do so, please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the "Card" tab screen in the Swipe Wallet app

2. In the middle of the screen there is a drop down section called "Funding Source"

3. Select which cryptocurrency or stablecoin you want to use in real-time. Please ensure you have enough funds in that wallet.

4. Once selected, the Swipe Card will use this connected balance to perform transactions.

How do I set/view my PIN code for my Swipe Card?

For users in the UK/EU

Currently cardholders in the UK/EU can change their PIN code from any Visa ATM. Those same cardholders can also view their existing PIN after they go through verification in the Card setting screen under the "View PIN" menu item.

For users in the US

Currently cardholders in the US can set their PIN code when they activate their card and thereafter change their PIN via the "Change PIN" feature in the Card setting screen. You are unable to view your PIN so please try to memorize it or write it down in a safe area.

How can I change the name appearing on my Swipe Card?

Users are unable to change the name that appears on their Swipe Card at this time. The personalization of your name is pulled from your verified KYC on your account.

What does bank verification mean on the Swipe Card order status screen?

The "Bank Verification" part of a card order screen represents the status of your card order at the bank who will issue the Swipe Card depending on your region. Once the bank has checked your details and the order the status will become either: Completed or Failed.

A completed status means your card is now sent for shipping

A failed status means the bank has failed your order and we are unable to proceed.

How do I report my card lost/stolen?

Swipe Cardholders can report their card lost or stolen directly in the Swipe Wallet mobile application or via our email address.

Report in App

To report the card lost/stolen in app follow the instructions below:

1. Open your Swipe Wallet App

2. Go to the "Card" tab

3. Go to the settings screen by tapping the icon on the top right of the screen.

4. Press "Report Lost/Stolen"

5. Follow the instructions on the page

6. Submit the form by pressing "Submit"

Users will now automatically have their card blocked and a replacement card shipped out.

Report via Email

To report the card lost/stolen via e-mail please send us a detailed email to with your username from the e-mail on file. Lock your card in the Swipe Wallet App to prevent unauthorized use as their will be a delay in response. A representative will contact you within 2-3 business days.

How do I order my Visa card?

To order your Visa card on the Swipe Wallet follow these steps below in your Swipe Wallet application:

1. Navigate to Cards tab.

2. Thereafter, if a Swipe Card is available in your region you will see the options available. Select which card you want to order and press the "Order Now" button and follow the prompts to complete your order.

How to get Slate referral reward?

Sign up using this referral code at and earn rewards 1500 USD!

To someone who already has a Visa card .... when they ship the card, do they also send a PIN with the card or in a separate mail ?

The card's PIN is provided in the APP and You can see it.

Do you get any interest on it in lock-up?

Locking for a card at the moment only Slate card does.

Do Swipe cards work internationally?


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