Swipe FAQ is providing Q&A regarding Swipe wallet management.

Is it possible to transfer my money from Binance to Swipe for free?

All crypto transfer is free from Binance to Swipe wallet. Transfer should take around 5 min max. However, from external wallet would take around 15-20 min.

Can someone explain rewards from the swipe Slate referral program?

Swipe Slate cardholders have the ability to receive $30,000 in SXP rewards for themselves and their referral. Slate cardholders can use their Referral code, which is provided once they have activated their card, to refer other Slate cardholders. The referral must sign up for a Wallet account with the referral code. If the referral has already signed up, they will not be able to add a referral code later.

Once the referral orders their Swipe Slate card and activates their card upon receipt/issuance of a virtual card, both the referral and referer will receive $1,500 in SXP based on current market rates. You can use the referral code as much as you want, but will only receive the reward for 10 referrals.

Note: There are currently no referral programs for other Swipe Card membership levels.

Sign up using this referral code at https://www.swipe.io/wallet/ and earn rewards 1500 USD!

With the 3.9% fee what is the best way to fund the card?

Its adviced to transfer crypto coins from other wallets/exchanges to Swipe Wallet. Some ideas: https://usdc.circle.com/ https://account.paxos.com/

In addition it makes most sense to use Kraken as they have an account at the same bank so it takes like 5 seconds to deposit/withdraw.

How do I know what the APR is for my on-chain Slate staking rewards?

The Swipe Slate on-chain staking rewards are calculated in real-time based on the protocol distribution of the daily SXP reward rate. This is dynamic and subject to change due to the protocol being external on the blockchain and in real-time, but the Swipe Wallet will have an estimate APR displayed in the Swipe SXP Wallet asset screen.

Tokens locked for Slate get ETH On Chain API. The rate varies based on number of tokens stakes on ETH chain.

Use website https://sxp-calculator.com/ and check APR on ETH network as far as Slate card holders are staking on this network.

Also use website https://sxphub.com

Will crypto withdrawals stay fee free?

Yes it's free fee for withdrawal from Swipe wallet.

I have 30k SXP my Slate what if I want to unlock? 6 months is it possible?

Need to lock 6 months then after that you can unlock anytime but you will miss the benefits. If You unlock after 6 months Your benefits will decrease to cashback 2% and only spotify rebate.

When trying to withdraw SXP from the wallet I get a message that me minimum amount is not meet. Which is that minimum amount? I've tried with up to 5 SXP just for testing but didn't work.

Minimum withdrawal is 21 SXP.

I have provided all the information needed for my tier 2. I am getting an email saying it is done every day, but it still says pending in the app. I have staked my SXP for the Steel card but cannot deposit money because the tier two verification is bugged.

Activate 2FA (SMS) and check. Force close and restart the app.

Is Binance planning on building some sort of a 'bridge' to the Swipe platform to interexchange the coins from one to the other platform?

Transfer b/w Binance and Swipe Wallet is considered as internal and its free. You will have to withdraw and deposit as you normally do manually. Transaction are considered as internal, if you check with Binance acc you will see a "Internal" tag to your deposits / withdrawals.

Where can I find a list of all supported coins?

You can check this in your Swipe Wallet or You can check here also https://swipe.io/fees-and-limits.

Do we need to verify our identities when signing up for the card?

Yes, You will have to.

Cashback should be instant for regular purchases?

Should be when the transactions status turn to "Completed" status. In general it takes 1-14 business days for merchant to confirm and if transaction is marked as "Completed" and cashback is not instantly credited you can wait 1-7 business days before pinging support.

How do I do 2FA (SMS)?

Go to Swipe Wallet — Profile — Security — Two-Factor Authentication.

It says failed bank verification. What can I do now?

Means your card application was not accepted by the Issuer bank, nothing much Swipe can do here.

I sent in the documents for Tier 2 just now - do I need to wait for confirmation before I can order the card now or can I just proceed right away?

You have to wait until tier 2 is confirmed. Normally it takes 7 days. Try activating 2FA for a faster verification process.

My status. Should I be able to order a card?

Please wait till Tier 2 is verified.

Is there a way to see my KYC verification level in the app?

It is possible to track in Swipe wallet on profile tab (Tier Level).

Where do I need to enter referral code? Can I insert a referral code after registration?

You must enter Referral code before You registering to Swipe Wallet otherwise if You are already registered You cannot enter. However, You can share Referral code dedicated to You and receive rewards from 10 other Swipers. It is working only for Slate card holders (You and the referrer get $1500 each).

If You need Swipe Slate Referral code in order to receive 1500 USD please Sign up using this referral code at https://www.swipe.io/wallet/ and earn rewards!

Is there a weekly limit on deposits to swipe account from personal deposit card?

How much is the withdrawal fees to a bank account in Swipe ?

Fiat withdrawal to bank acc is not available as of now, although you can withdraw cash from ATM.

What is swipe Tier level 3?

It is for corporates.

What does it mean to lock your SXP?

When you order card, you will have to lock your SXP for 6 months. It is one of the criteria to get the card.

Will in-app on-chain staking be an option in 2021?

There is Swipe savings feature already enabled.

My account has been disconnected and I am not able to login in to Swipe Wallet. Someone have already had this issue before?

Code 429 should be too many request sent to server. Force shutdown the wallet and wait 10 mins and try again.

Why do I need to convert USDT to USD first and then to EUR if I want to convert straight to EUR? My app says no fee if I select USDT to EUR directly...

There is no liquid market for USDT to EUR, thats why.... Flow should be USDT -> USD -> EUR. Conversion of USD to EUR will be done in FX market whereas USDT to EUR will be done in Crypto market.

You can do USDT to EUR also, check if you are getting the good spot rate.

Where do I find my ref code, now that my card is active?

In the wallet under Cards tab - > Gear - > Rewards

I am now Tier 2. All finished but I cant deposit money from my credit card because (see picture). Somebody has this issue?

  • Do Tier 2

  • Clear cache or re-install the app

  • Restart the Swipe app (Force restart)

  • Enable 2FA

  • Change payment card

  • Turn off and restart your phone

  • Make sure you have a stable connection

  • Make sure your App is updated to the latest version.

I get this error 1015 when I try to login. Can someone help?

Try to clear cache or reinstall the app. Force shutdown app.

Can we enable both sms and Authenticator 2FA?

You can use these 3 security features.

I just ordered a Swipe card, but on the screen where it says processing, my name is wrong, how do I fix my name on the card?

Contact live support as well as you will need to email kyc@swipe.io

What does this button (SXP Network) do exactly?

This service is not enabled yet.

I can't buy crypto within my Swipe app wallet anymore. Is it the same for other people?

Try 999 SXP to buy.

How do I select SXP as my reward type? Slate user here.

In wallet please choose option what You want:

If I deposit SXP my app from binance what network i choose BEP-2 or BEP-20 OR ERC-20?

Both BEP-20 or ERC-20 are supported.

Where can I see the transactions list? Would the reward show instantly if it was accepted.

In the swipe app just click Cards, then swipe up on the top bar of the list (where the red arrow is).

I transfered SXP to the wallet address for the scammer. How do I get that SXP back? Help me?

You can NOT, sorry.

If you have not received your card within the 7-14 business day window after the card status has been marked "shipped", please contact our customer support via a ticket at help.swipe.io or live chat. We will place a replacement card order for you at a $25 replacement fee.

So I reinstalled the app and I keep getting a message that says I have been approved for Tier 2 but when I look at the verification or try to add a card it says pending (it’s been 2 weeks since I sent in my KYC info btw).

All you have to do is go to your profile and then do 2FA. It should work shortly after.

How to fix my wallet? not working...

Please do the solution below.

  1. Restart the swipe app;

  2. Turn off and restart your phone;

  3. Make sure you have a stable connection;

  4. Make sure your App is updated to the latest version

Regarding the KYC 2, I have to send a picture of my ID card, and a selfie showing me with the card, I have to take a live picture or a picture already taken is enough?

Live picture with a proof of the day today.

After sent USDT showed “failed” in Swipe app, USDT didn’t comeback to my Swipe wallet. 1994 USDT were just gone. What should I do and who can help me?

Please contact tech. team @jr529 @SwipeSupport

Send a message in this format, so it will be easy for them to resolve your query.

  • Short Summery of your Issue -

  • Swipe Wallet User ID -

  • Email ID (linked to your Swipe ID) -

  • Card Type -

When I use my virtual card at a store it asks for my PIN number. I don’t have a PIN #! What do I do?

There is one in the wallet app.

For the free card, I need to completed the two primary KYC? Or just one?

Full KYC. Id documents and proof of residence.

Can I borrow funds on Swipe app?

You can borrow only for ETH.

Is there a way to unlock my SXP locked in card?

No, you will have to wait for 6 months for your SXP to unlock.

How to transfert Swipe from swipe wallet to binance ?

  1. Go to Binance, click deposit, select SXP, and get/copy your SXP deposit address (ensure you select ERC20 network only!).

  2. Go to Swipe app, select the Swipe/SXP Wallet, click send in top right corner, select wallet address, then enter/paste the address from Binance.

  3. Wait at least a few minutes for the transaction to be processed the the ERC20 network.

Will we be able to deposit and use usd to purchase busd in Swipe app or do we need to purchase on another exchange after 1/22/21?

Yes, you can.

Anyone had an issue with moving from Virtual card to Physical card? in my case, my virtual card stopped working and my coins have been released from locking. However physical card status is showing as Shipped.

Don’t move your coins. We are working to fix it.

Is swipe wallet secure like myetherwallet?


What does exactly mean that fiat spending will be disabled?

Means you cannot use FIAT as well as stablecoins for spending with card.

What's the fee for sending BTC away from the wallet?

Withdrawal is free from Swipe wallet.

What does membership mean purchase and lock for 6 months?

For Slate Card you will have to lock 100K SXP token. U must lock tokens for 6 months and cannot unlock earlier. After 6 months you can unlock it anytime but will lose all the perks and benefits Slate card carries.

I recently did Tier 2 KYC in the swipe wallet. Since then I received 3 identical emails about an hour apart with this message. Is this a known bug/issue ?

Need to wait Tier 2 has gone from "processing" to saying current tier : 2->

Enable 2FA then disable it.

One month... for tier 2... how much I must wait?

Try to activate your 2FA (SMS) and check.

How can I change address in the wallet? Card issued, but to the wrong address.

You will need to reach out to KYC (kyc@swipe.io) and get your address updated.

I can’t withdraw my SXP from swipe wallet to binance, what’s happening? Please help !

Due to high traffic it's known issue, tech team will solve this.

When does the daily withdrawal limit reset? I still can't send crypto to my other wallet...

Usually it is on midnight.

How would one sell some SXP to USD in wallet? I have my card linked already.

Sxp wallet -> sell sxp -> fiat choice, it then goes to that respective fiat wallet.

Where can I see my referral code in app?

Cards tab - settings (top right in app) - Rewards - see box there with your referral codes.

If a refund is issued to your Swipe card, which currency will it be paid in please?

Usd - if in the US Eur - if in euro.

How to export monthly card statement, or deposits, or withdrawals?

You can export it through profile tab.

What fiat currencies are available on the Wallet?

The Swipe Wallet application currently has support for the following fiat currencies:

  • US Dollars (USD)

  • Great Britain Pounds (GBP)

  • Euros (EUR)

  • Korean Won (KRW)

  • Philippines Pesos (PHP)

I have a big concern regarding the remaining fiat (8k) on my slate. How can I withdraw it?

Convert to stables -> withdraw stables.

Why my app got auto close?

Please try to restart and open again.

Does Swipe savings are flexible and paid weekly (16% APY with SXP)... But do you know if we have to claim the rewards? And will they be deposited directly on our app wallet?

Yes, SXP rewards are paid weekly. You dont need to claim them because they are deposited to the savings wallet. You can restake them manually.

I do not understand you give us 16% profit every week? That means our money has doubled in 7 weeks?

16% is annual reward (APY)

Does anyone knows if Swipe savings are insured?

With Swipe, your funds are secured with up to $100M custodial insurance with Coinbase Custody and BitGo.

Can someone tell me where to find the defi saving tab on the app iOS 1.528?

Savings is under the Defi tab in the Swipe wallet main menu.

If we stake SXP on the Swipewallet, is the staking rewards compounded into total SXP?

SXP rewards are not compounded automatically, however You can restake them manually.

How can I recover my app password?

Once you click forgot password on the app it should change the screen to where you enter verification code in ~ and then it'll have you do new password x2 - redo your account PIN.

Can anyone confirm if there is a gas fee to enter Swipe saving?

There is not any fees.

Does the savings APY tiers count include locked SXP up for Swipe cards?

No. Savings APY tiers are counted only for those SXP which are deposited to saving wallet.

I have purchased some SXP on Binance and would like to send it to the Android App, but I cannot find how to do it. There seems to be no Deposit button?

In the Wallet section - Select the currency you want to deposit - on top right corner you will find a QR Code.

Do I need to lock up SXP to saving wallet in order to get 16 % APY?

There is no lock-up, it is flexible saving.

Which is best Swipe saving or staking?

Swipe saving is beneficial if you have less than 1000 SXP and staking - if you have more than 1000 SXP. Howevere interest is higher for staking.

How will Binance refund the gas fee (10SXP) to me?

To avoid expensive fees you can use BEP-20 to deposit funds into your Swipe wallet. It will be refunded to your Spot wallet.

What is the minimum amount of SXP savings?

There is no minimum for Swipe savings.

What is the SXP saving rate?

Basic reward is 16 % APY.

If I go back in to defi>savings>SXP the app crashes everytime?

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