Swipe FAQ is providing Q&A regarding Swipe staking options and main issues.

How to get ready for staking on Binance Smart Chain?

Can I send SXP BEP20 (BSC) from Binance to my SXP address in the Swipe wallet?

Yes, You can. However Swipe Wallet do not support BEP-20 withdrawals yet.

Can I stake SXP from trust wallet directly to Swipe?

Yes, You can.

I want to deposit SXP token which chain should I choose on Binance?

ERC-20 or BEP-20. Both BEP-20 and ERC-20 shares the same wallet address. However, BEP-2 is different from BEP-20. BEP-2 is only for binance DEX. BEP-20 is for the staking on the Binance Smart Chain.

Do we get the onchain reward for people that staked 30k in a region where card is not ready yet?

Yes. Rewards coming everyday at 00:00 UTC.

Is the unlocking period on BSC same like 3 days on ETH chain?


Hello, I'm unable to claim my staking rewards after more than a week from the initial deposit. I'm on binance smart chain. Someone can help?

You will see the rewards in "SXP Available Rewards" on 8th day, 24hr is the full cycle. You will see them later today after 00:00 UTC. Then you can claim your 1st day staking reward claim.

I stake SXP on BSC, may I get Slate card?

No, for Card you will have to lock SXP in Swipe Wallet.

Can I send SXP on BSC-20 from the Swipe app?

You can only send out as ERC-20, but can receive either in ERC-20 or BEP-20.

Can transfer SXP from Swipe Wallet to BSC network?

No, You cannot. Withdrawal / transfers is only in ERC-20 but you can deposit both in ERC-20 and BEP-20.

Are different network BnB from BnB chain network?

There are two different networks Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain.

If I want to stake for the SLATE card do I have to do it through the app?

When You upgrade for Slate Swipe will auto stakes for you. Without Slate card You have to do it by yourself on-chain. All rewards are the same just that You get additional benefits from the Slate card.

If we withdraw all the staked amount just to re-stake this again with the previously claimed rewards, would that day still generate rewards? Or the rewards would only start again the next day?

Rewards require 24h + staking. So you will lose one day reward.

Anyone knows if I add on more SXP to my stake, will it reset the lock up period or reset the distribution time of my rewards?


Anyone knows how to fix this error?

When we supply the SXP if there are too many digits after the "." It gives that error. Say 1001.1074930584000 SXP. Remove the excessive digits in the decimals like 1001.1074 SXP.

Is there a way to withdraw SXP from a wallet to BSC directly?

Not available yet You can only deposit with both BEP20/Erc20 and withdraw with Erc20.

Any way to stake on BSC using Metamask and ledger hard wallet?

Yes you can, use the ETH app in Ledger and that works through the bsc chain. Fees will be in BNB.

Where can I find some Stats for Swipe?

Every time I connect trust wallet to BSC chain it show like that. Any solution for me?

Select Metamask wallet from the list of wallet and it will work.

Why does it say "Please note that earned SXP rewards are not eligible for withdrawal at this time." for on chain BSC staking, it has been like this for days. Can not withdraw the 324.16 SXP. Cant click 'continue', its like the button is not working.

There is the claim that was approved but not claimed. Go to transactions history and click the one where status is approved and then claim it.

How can I withdraw my funds from ETH network? Button "Withdraw" doesnt work but SXP I have in wallet...

You have already withdrew funds from chain thats why button "Withdraw" is grey. You dont have what to withdraw from ETH staking chain anymore. Those funds You have in wallet and can withdraw via metamask wallet.

What is the plan for maximun SXP burn?

Daily SXP will be burnt till it reaches 100M. That burned tokens are those removed from the circulating supply.

Is it possible to stake on BSC with Ledger or only on ETH network?

Yes on bsc with metamask. Change the setting in your ETH app of Ledger, “Contract data” should be set to allowed and the rest everything remains same.

Can I withdraw my sxp I deposit for staking anytime? Can I unstake?

You can unstake your tokens anytime after 3 days.

How do I compound the current SXP I receive from staking?

You will have to manually do it. Minimum staking is 1000 SXP. You will need to claim it and restake it or accumulate another 1000 sxp before staking. There is no a penalty if unstake.

I do a claim request on earned SXP then stake that?

Yes. If you see SXP in "SXP Available Rewards" then its eligible for withdrawal. 7 day cycle for staking rewards, your day 1 reward will be available on 8 th day for withdrawal.

Can I stake SXP using trust wallet Binance smart chain?

Yes. You can. Video in Ref. link.

If I withdraw SXP from metamask using Binance smart chain, do I need BNB or ETH for gas fees?

You need BNB for gas fees.

What is the max circulation of this token?

Whitepaper goal is to get to 100M Total Supply.

What will happen when left 100 milions swipe tokens. Are holders get something cause will not be more staking?

Stakers will be getting the fees.

I have tested to send few SXP from swipe wallet to a SXP BCS address on my metamask. But these SXP do not appear, is it normal? Transaction status is complete in Swipe wallet.

You transfered Your funds to ETH chain. However, the same wallet address is on both the chains so if U are using Metamask change network to ETH on same account and You will find Your SXP.

On this site, SXP-stats.. it shows arround 85% staked does that included people holding SXP on Slate and other cards?

Only Slate card.

When you stake on-chain the reward disappear after some time if you doesn't claim them?

It wont dissapear it continues to reflect your balance.

Is it possible to stake on BSC with Ledger or only on ETH network?

Yes on BSC with metamask. Change the setting in your ETH app of Ledger, “Contract data” should be set to allowed and the rest everything remains same.

How long does each process take?

On average recently I get through it all in under 2 min. It's one transaction in the end, but multiple steps.

Does Swipe staking support on Binance?

No. Binance removed the monthly airdrop rewards for holding SXP. You need to stake them on chain via metamask trust wallet etc.

I have to add more to bsc staking is it worth removing 900 from staking and adding 100 to be able to stake those 100? Anyone did the math?

Yeah it's worth it on BSC.

Is BSC only for BTC? Or for other Crypto currencies as well?

It's free fee from Binance to Swipe wallet, there will show a fee but it will refund instantly to your spot account.

Does anyone know where your staking rewards can be found in your Slate card?

In your Swipe wallet. Open your Swipe Wallet - Wallet Tab - SXP - View History.

Dapp browser has been removed on IOS right?

yes, but you can get it from here:

What are the contract information to save my SXP token on TRUST WALLET?

You dont need it on Trust wallet, just search SXP, it's there. Go deposit> type SXP on search.

All staked coin withdrawal instant?

Yes after 3 days users can withdraw it instantly.

Is mobile metamask working with binance smart chain? (IOS)

Yes, it's working.

What is the benefit to use BSC chain instead of ETH ?

There is less fee when use BSC chain.

I'm trying to understand the circulating supply. How come etherscan top 5 holding addresses are over 200 million while bscscan top addresses also have over 200million sxp combined. Is the token. Duplicated in both chains?

Correct when BEP-20 is made it clones the ERC-20 supply, it requires locking up an ERC version to unlock the cooresponding BEP-20 token.

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