Swipe FAQ is providing Q&A regarding Ignition “Initial Wallet Offering” (IWO)

What is IWO?

Like ICO or IEO. Initial Wallet Offering. So with this, the new projects will get instant liquidity and access to payment globally. “Initial Wallet Offering” (IWO) that enables new projects to raise capital in SXP on the Swipe Wallet platform and where 50% of that raise gets burned.”

What is Swipe Ignition?

A platform designed for new projects to raise capital and to be listed on the Swipe Wallet app where they get instant liquidity and payment access globally.

When first IWO coin lauched on Swipe Wallet?

It was launched in January of 2021. The second one will be introduced in February of 2021.

Can I please explain in detail how to purchase IWO coin?

Download Swipe Wallet and get yourself verified, and also make sure you have SXP to participate.

Could you please explain how airdrops I can get? I have SXP in my wallet.

Airdrop is for second project on IWO more details will be posted at later stage.

How many IWO in a month?

We plan to do at least 1 IWO between 1-3 months, this may change to more or less as market changes.

Do I have to be KYC verified Level 1 or 2 to get in on the IWO?

Level 2 verified and must not be living/residing in an excluded country which is USA/PH/OFAC restricted countries.

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